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Which style or colour? The options are endless, different manufacturers, material and even patterns. More options than with laminate. Should I go for a soft luxurious carpet, or maybe a more robust and hard wearing carpet? So many options to choose from that it is even impossible to add it all on a single website. To simplify matters we have decided to add links to the different carpet manufacturers. This will give you a full scope of all the carpets currently available on the market. Tiles and carpets are good substitutes for laminate flooring.


The obvious choice for bedrooms. Because they are softer and feels more luxurious under foot. There is a variety of styles and patterns to choose from. Also available in a range of different prices to suite your budget. Then there is the stain issue. Do remember that it can easily fray, depending on the thickness. A lot of dirt and dust are kept within a carpet which is not good for allergies.

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